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Greenwall Management

We're proud to announce that we've signed with Greenwall Management, run by the very talented Erik Grönwall.
To read more, go to www.gwmgmt.se 



Yes! It's that time again.. To start nesting in the studio, blood, sweat and tears.. and hopefully in a couple of months.. a NEW album!! :D We've got an photo album on our Facebook where we're gonna upload all kinds of goodies during this journey.

Tour de France - 2015

Cheers Monkeys Music Club, Le Charleston, Carroll's Pub, Bar Le Tigre, Dirty Old Pub, Le Rio Grande, Le Molotov, Scruffy's and most of all, a big THANK YOU to our amazing fans and friends. We had a blast touring the roads in France and Germany. Hope to see all of yous again very soon =)

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Tour de France - 2015

Soo.. We're home from our France / Germany tour now. Man, 13 crazy days. Met a bunch of new friends and a lot of old friends. We've just been home for a couple of days but we're already planning our next tour ;)

Here you can see some pics we took during the tour.. videos will be uploaded later on!



SIR REG - Snippet #3

SIR REG at Hadirajafestivalen, Knivsta. (Tour 15)

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SIR REG - Snippet #2

SIR REG in Köping, Sweden. (Tour 15)

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SIR REG - Snippet #1

SIR REG in Stockholm, Åland, Ludvika and Malung, Sweden. (Tour 15)

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Hadirajafestivalen, Knivsta (SWE)

Just a few days left until we're turning Knivsta into a huge Irish Pub.

Be there!!


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